Jonathan Goldberg

Born in 1973, I am a London based Portrait and Documentary photographer. My personal work addresses themes around sustainable living and alternative lifestyles.

Most recently I have been completing a series of photos depicting Grow Heathrow, a community garden located next to Britain’s busiest airport. Occupied by approximately 15 squatters, my project documents the lives of determined individuals, who choose to question accepted conventions of society by living in an off-grid commune.

I have been paying regular visits to the site for over three years. Portraits of Sustainability is a project that I have been working on alongside Grow Heathrow. It depicts people who, between work commitments, are involved in projects with a sustainability theme. The initiatives I’ve focused on have mostly been initiated by Transition Towns, a growing grass-roots movement engaging people on a local level.

Photographs featured portray: community gardens, jam-making workshops, a local currency initiative and so on.

In 2013 I won Best Video at the Environmental Photographer of the Year competition. Shaking the Tree portrays one man’s mission to prevent tons of fruit gong to waste in suburban NW London. I have been shortlisted for Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year (2014), Environmental Photographer of the Year (2013), Vignette Award (2013). Recent exhibition selections have been at Photofusion Salon (2013), London Independent Photographers Annual Exhibition (2013) and the Foto8 Summer Show (2012).

When I’m not working on personal projects, my commissions are from a range of magazines undertaking environmental portraits, news and school & college prospectuses. I have been working as a photographer for 18 years since graduating from Brighton University, where I studied Editorial Photography (BA Hons).