FotoSchool Workshops are a platform for groups to discover and explore the power of the photographic image.


Photography is a universal visual language, yet often inaccessible to its wider audience for its artistic and hidden messages.

Through a FOTOSCHOOL workshop we aim to demystify and break down these barriers by:

  • Fostering critical thinking and visual literacy.
  • Creating a safe, immersive and fun experience while learning through active participation.
  • Enabling participants to create their own photographic projects.
  • Building self-esteem and confidence.
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Who can benefit from a FOTOSCHOOL workshop?

These workshops are suitable for any person or group of people interested in exploring the visual image and wanting to make their own work. We can tailor workshops to explore a variety of themes, such as Youth Culture, Identity, Memory, Home, Loss, Environment, Power.

Fostering critical thinking and visual literacy.

Through slideshows, magazines, books and exhibitions participants are introduced to powerful and inspiring world-class portraiture and documentary pho-tography. Participants gain insight into how an image has been composed and what it has to say. We will break down the complexities of the image by looking at subject, composition, colour and light, discovering how to read and dissect imagery. Participants will learn how a visual narrative is constructed to tell a story.

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``Thank you so much for the workshop - it is an invaluable experience to have professional photographers deliver workshops to increase the students' value in the subject - it was such a great day. The outcomes were fantastic and the students were really pleased with what they produced and continued to edit them in their follow up lessons. The workshop built the confidence of the students to discuss their opinions and apply their knowledge to their own photography; this is something they have struggled with previously. Being broken down into a smaller group and having the whole day dedicated to photography really focused their minds and their curiosity.``

Jennifer Price, Head of Art/Photography, Grace Academy, Solihull.

Creating a safe, immersive and fun experience while learning through active participation.

Debate, sharing knowledge and expressing opinions about work we look at, and the work participants make, is very much encouraged.

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Enabling participants to create their own photographic work.

Once we’ve explored the aesthetics of photography we’ll look at techniques to help with composing photographs and technical aspects dependent on what cameras we have. Using Smartphones, tablets or SLRs participants will have time to take their own photographs, from a simple portrait within a day’s workshop to a body of work made over a longer course.

Participants will be involved in decision making, editing and curating their work and on a longer programme, participants will have the opportunity to present their work as a collective to a wider audience.

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Building self-esteem and confidence.

Our aim is to build confidence through the immersive experience of the workshop and to counter any potential social isolation through our creative hub . Participants will gain a sense of achievement from making and showing their work.

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