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FotoStory philosophy

We believe that what is good for the world is good for business.
Many organisations think the same way and are doing valuable work that helps people and planet, but their stories are not being powerfully told. Finding the right way to communicate positive social or environmental initiatives with authenticity can be a challenge.

FotoStory is a visual story-telling service from social enterprise FotoDocument, which specialises in good news stories that inspire, energise and inform. These stories encourage others to follow, thereby increasing momentum for proactive and responsible action.

FotoStory integrates photography, videography, animation and digital technologies with curation to create unique and compelling stories that inspire active global citizenship.

Rothes I Wind Farm in Scotland is one of more than fifty onshore wind projects in Europe financed by BNP Paribas as part of its commitment to the energy transition. © Luca Sage

Using the FotoStory service has been an inspiring way to communicate important issues, directly engaging our staff, clients and stakeholders in the CSR work the company is doing - it is certainly more effective than an Annual Report!

Anne Marie Verstraeten, CEO and Country Head of BNP Paribas UK

What we do

  • Identify your positive stories.
  • Commission world-class photography, video and animation.
  • Share your stories creatively.
  • Create and measure lasting impact.

FotoStory works collaboratively with you to identify and showcase your positive stories. We create a dynamic combination of eye-catching imagery and well-crafted narratives, which fit strategically with your business. Powerful visuals allow viewers to see things differently and these perception shifts can translate into meaningful behaviour change.

Protection and restoration of biodiversity and natural habitats, One Planet City, Brighton & Hove.
© Murray Ballard

Our blend of strategic and creative consultancy is supported by a clear five stage process:

Consult | Create | Commission | Curate | Change


We work closely with you to identify and uncover the positive stories you would like to communicate to your staff, clients and stakeholders.

We create a bespoke package to suit your needs and your budget that includes the right combination of photography, video and animation content.

We showcase the visual content through both traditional exhibitions and cutting edge digital technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Finally, we establish baseline criteria with you that will enable us to assess the impact of your project.

© Murray Ballard


We carry out detailed research, conduct in-depth interviews and craft compelling narratives which highlight the people, issues and actions behind your stories, bringing them to life in a clear and engaging way.

© Lulu Ash.


We commission and direct our world-class storytellers to create outstanding visual content. Our creatives work in an immersive way to authentically communicate the positive work you are doing which has the power to both move and motivate the viewer.


We curate your story to maximise visual impact across online and offline platforms, bringing imagery and words together in a meaningful and creative display using both exhibitions installations and cutting edge digital technologies.

Examples of multi-media visual displays:
• Bespoke exhibition at your office / white gallery space / public space
• Digital technologies such as Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
• Website galleries
• Social media posts / galleries

© Nina Emett. Everyday Heroes, BNP Paribas, London HQ


Our visual stories aim to change perceptions and motivate people into positive action which is beneficial to people and planet. We have researched how visual stories can create lasting impact – we call this our ‘theory of change’ – FotoStory builds these insights into everything that we do. We carry out short interventions during the project to capture levels of engagement and behaviour change, which you can share with your stakeholders as evidence of social impact.

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