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Brighton & Hove was accredited as the world’s first One Planet City in 2013.

2015 we invited schools in Brighton & Hove to participate in our online One Planet City School Competition and we are now delighted to announce the winners. The judges met in February 2016 to decide on 5 overall winners and 10 runners up. The 5 winners will be awarded a £20 book token each for their achievement and the 10 runners up will be awarded an Honourable Mention on the FotoDocument website. We would like to thank all the children & young people and the schools who participated in this competition. Huge congratulations to everyone involved – we hope you have learned a lot through the process!

Overall winners

1. Big Lemon by Sofia at Balfour Primary School in Sustainable Transport

The Big Lemon
The Big Lemon

This image was a fast favourite with the judges. Sofia has recreated instantly recognisable elements of Brighton & Hove’s special identity in a fun and creative way. The Lemon Bus is a fantastic example of sustainable transport and the pupil has demonstrated a real understanding of the concept.


2. Please take by Amelie at Balfour Primary School in Zero Waste

Please Take
Please Take

Brighton & Hove is known for its culture of giving, which helps to reduce waste. Amelie has represented this culture with an image that is both contextually and visually charming. The judges loved the use of leaves as a method of communication – it gives an impression that giving and sharing is a natural and sustainable solution.


3. Skateboarding by Oliver at Balfour Primary School in Health & Happiness


The composition of this image is of a very high standard – Oliver positioned and timed his image thoughtfully and confidently. Skateboarding provides health and happiness for youth and adults alike – well done.


4. Pavilion Gardens (panorama) by Lukas at Downs Junior School in Culture & Community

Lukas B 5B - culture and community
This panoramic shot seriously impressed our judges – an innovative execution of skill that has captured the spirit, music and community of Brighton & Hove and its Pavilion Gardens wonderfully.


5. Bike rack by Ben at Cardinal Newman Catholic School in Sustainable Transport

Ben Arnold NEAT bike rack
Our judges loved the aesthetic symmetry of Ben’s image which showcases Brighton’s love of cycling – a healthy and environmentally conscious mode of sustainable transport.

1. Perfect poppy by Betty at Balfour Primary School in Land Use & Wildlife

Perfect Poppy
Perfect Poppy

The focus of the poppy in this photograph is fantastic! The beautiful colour of the flower in contrast to the industrial backdrop frames the theme of Land Use and Wildlife in a thoughtful, visual and interesting way.

2. Preston Park basketball by Lucas at Balfour Primary School in Culture & Community

Preston Park basketball
Preston Park basketball

Sport brings people together and is an integral part of our local community. Lucas has framed the positive social nature of Preston Park’s basketball court here – with great timing too!

3. Recycled wood by Jess at Balfour Primary School in Sustainable Materials

recycled wood
recycled wood

The judges could tell a lot of thought went in to this image – the positioning of the photographer and the picture is inventive, with a clear focus on the idea of sustainable materials represented through local recycling businesses.

4. Amex Stadium by Charlie at Balfour Primary School in Equity & Local Economy

Amex Stadium
Amex Stadium

Charlie demonstrated a good understanding of equity and the local economy with his image of the impressive Amex Community Football Stadium in the midst of the South Downs. Both nature and entertainment are an integral part of the attraction of Brighton & Hove.

5. Pier by Honey at Balfour Primary School in Equity & Local Economy


The judges applauded how Honey had caught the majestic lights of Brighton Pier so vividly in her picture. She demonstrates a good understanding of the task as the pier is an important part of the local economy.

6. Chickens by Holly at Downs Junior School in Local & Sustainable Food

Holly T, Year 5, Downs Junior School
Holly has represented Local and Sustainable Food in her image by photographing hens who lay free-range eggs. We like how the hens frame the girl’s face.

7. Down the slide by Magnus at Balfour Primary School in Health & Happiness

Down the Slide
Down the Slide

The judges loved the youthful, colourful and bright nature of this image. Magnus has demonstrated from his perspective that having fun is good for both health and happiness.

8. Wheelbarrow by Devon at Balfour Primary School in Land Use & Wildlife


Devon’s image of crops, plants and flowers growing out of a series of wheelbarrows encapsulates and celebrates the local farming and allotment community and its importance in the City.

9. Turbine in field by Nancy at Downs Junior School in Land Use & Wildlife

Nancy L, Year 5, Downs Junior School
One of our favourite landscape submissions – Nancy has shown a visual understanding of sustainable land use by skilfully framing a local wind turbine.

10. Runners by Lois at Downs Junior School in Health & Happiness

Lois L, Year 5, Downs Junior School
The timing of this image is impressive – Brighton & Hove is a beautiful place to run and Lois represented this notion adeptly. Many of our residents like to keep active!

The competition is now CLOSED.

What to photograph – for teachers:

1. Choose from one or more of the ten One Planet Living principles. You can read more about the principles at:

2. Create a photograph that reflects the people, landscape and character of Brighton and Hove. (Look at the work submitted by the ten commissioned photographers and the public submissions for inspiration).

3. Pupils can respond to as many of the different themes as they wish but please only submit ONE photograph per pupil in each category.

4. Please only submit photographs taken in and around Brighton and Hove, or within the following boundaries:

No further NORTH than Hassocks
No further EAST than Beachy Head
No further WEST than Shoreham-by-Sea

NB: Where possible please only submit new photographs taken in response to the ten One Planet City themes. If you do have a photograph you have previously taken that you want to submit please make sure it was taken within the last 18 months (after September 2013).

How to submit – for teachers:

Please download the instructions document and submission form for schools here.


Please note submissions will not be published immediately as they will need to be moderated.

Terms and Conditions

Download the FotoDocument Terms and Conditions here.

Don’t forget the deadline for submissions is the 18th December 2015.


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