Equity and Local Economy - School Submissions

Creating bioregional economies that support equity and diverse local employment and international fair trade.

The city of Brighton & Hove is a living, breathing, dynamic ecosystem. Its people give it life, and in return the city sustains its people. Society and environment interact and coexist; one would not exist without the other.

The One Planet vision is of a thriving, resilient local economy supporting fair employment and strong communities. Brighton and Hove is an inclusive city that boasts a diverse population. It is a city which values and promotes equality, accredited by the Fairtrade Foundation and where the Living Wage, widely adopted by its economic actors, offers local people fair remuneration for keeping it alive. Brighton & Hove is the third fastest ‘recovering city’ in the country, perfectly placed to respond to economic adversity thanks to its flexibility, creativity and consistent attraction as a place to do business. It is a city on the frontline of innovation and technology in the low-carbon and creative industries.


Each of FotoDocument’s projects includes a school submissions element where local schools are invited to submit photographs on behalf of the pupils in response to the themes of the project via a free to enter photography competition.


School submissions responding to the ten sustainability principles of One Planet Living.

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