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Reducing waste, reusing where possible, and ultimately sending zero waste to landfill.

In the UK we see waste as anything but a useful resource. When we are done with something we simply throw it away and forget about it. The One Planet vision is of a future where resources are used efficiently, waste levels are close to zero and ultimately zero waste is sent to landfill.

This means using the waste hierarchy as a management system, prioritising waste prevention first, then re-use, recycling, and composting and lastly, energy recovery, before disposal to landfill. There is a presumption of promoting resource efficiency and avoiding wasteful consumption. One Planet Communities promote recycling of waste to high value uses and fostering ‘closed loop’ recycling. Currently around 70% of household waste is able to be reused, recycled or composted, yet recycling rates are no way near this high.

To see commissioned photographer Sophie Gerrard’s response to this category click here.

  • Calum Photo by: Calum
    Silo Cafe, Brighton
  • Lee Radford Photo by: Lee Radford
    Hollow man
  • Mischa Hewitt Photo by: Mischa Hewitt
    Earthship Brighton - off grid education centre
  • Annette Radford Photo by: Annette Radford
    Waste Not, Want Not
  • Edward Thomas Bishop Photo by: Edward Thomas Bishop
    "Resource Cycle! - Use - Reuse - Re-Cycle - Zero Waste!" (Hove Seafront)
  • Lyndsey Haskell Photo by: Lyndsey Haskell
    Worm friendship huddle on their way to the wormery Here they'll turn our food scraps into compost
  • Les Gunbie Photo by: Les Gunbie
    Trading outside the box
  • Lauren Psyk Photo by: Lauren Psyk
    Dennis Muir of Gloprint servicing the printer at Smokemart, London Road, Brighton. Gloprint refurbishes and resells used printers to prevent them from going into landfill. April 2015
  • Lina Soblyte Photo by: Lina Soblyte
    It doesn't belong with the sea
  • Maga Esberg Photo by: Maga Esberg
    It is not just human who recycle
  • Charlotte Eliza King Photo by: Charlotte Eliza King
    A State of Matter
  • Greg Wish Photo by: Greg Wish
    4, Gauge, Brighton festival
  • Kelly Roche Photo by: Kelly Roche
    Brighton 'Waste House': stairs and ground floor entrance floor with reused materials.
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