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We are delighted to reveal the shortlist (in alphabetical order) of the Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award 2019, supported by Nikon.


Christiana Botic

Divided Generation: this project explores coming of age in the ethnically-segregated city of Mitrovica, Kosovo, twenty years after the Kosovo War.



Annamaria Bruni

Crying Game: a critique of the impact of US military bases in the Philippines in creating prostitution and sexual violence in surrounding communities and the rehab centres offering primal therapy for the victims.



Ana Filipova

Research At The End Of The World: Ny-Ålesund is situated on the 79th parallel north on Svalbard archipelago and it houses the largest laboratory for modern Arctic research in existence.



Samyukta Lakshmi

Unbonded Together: this work documents women’s self-help groups, made up of former women bonded labourers – a form of modern slavery – and wives of bonded labourers in Karnataka, India who work together to support each another, gain access to financial services and spearhead changes that affect the entire community.



Emilienne Malfatto

Al Banaat (The Girls): this work is an intimate journey through the world of two sisters, exploring the meaning of freedom and childhood from a personal and feminine perspective in contemporary Iraq.



Nida Mehboob

Survival guide for Ahmadis in Pakistan: a ‘staged’ reportage of how this marginalised community counters persecution and oppression.



Ana Palacios

You Are Now Connected: Investigating the use of tech devices at African schools while the Silicon Valley educational centres restrict the use of technology for their children.


Viviana Peretti

Colombia – A Mass Grave: this work highlights the victims of Colombia’s forced disappearances through a visual investigation of altars at the homes of the grieving family members who await their return.


Erika Pineros

The Victims Forgotten by Peace: sexual violence and forced abortions are little known dimensions of the decades-long conflict in Colombia, but survivors are now ready to speak out and demand justice – this project aims to tell their stories and to honour their plight and struggle for accountability.


Alice Proujansky

Birth Work: the U.S. is the only industrialised nation with a rising rate of maternal mortality, but there is a movement from within to provide evidence-based, culturally-focused midwifery care in communities facing poor maternal health outcomes and the evidence shows that it’s working.



Greta Rico

Substitute Mother: this work began on the same day as the funeral of the photographer’s cousin, a victim of feminicide – it documents the many women in Mexico who have become ‘substitute mothers’ due to the high rate of feminicide.



Daniela Sala

I Hear Your Silence: an intimate portrait of queer activists in the Middle East, who are finding ways to speak out despite repression and stigma.



Christina Simons

From Violence to Peace: the use of violence for discipline has been endemic in Papua New Guinea parenting for generations but now families are transforming their behaviours, benefiting surrounding communities and easing tribal tensions through a positive parenting training that UNICEF have implemented.



Snezhana von Büdingen

Meeting Sofie: a story about the emotional world of people with downs syndrome through intimate portraits of a young woman called Sofie.



Laura Vuoma

Growing up: this work follows the lives of young women who had their first child at the age of 16, reflecting on the impact being a young mother has had on their lives, as well as long-term personal experience and growth.


We will be announcing our Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award 2019 winner on Monday 20 January.

Watch this space!