Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Maria Teresa Palma Carrera, Maria Juana Cordoba Gonzalez, Maria Dolores Panamá, Maria Virginia Liquinchana Liquinchana and Jenny Fernanda Bolaños Vallejo, Ecuador

by Ana Caroline de Lima

Ana Caroline de Lima

Ana Caroline de Lima is a Brazilian journalist, visual anthropologist and documentary photographer whose work is focused on the documentation of cultures, villages and ethnic minorities, mainly in South America and South Asia.

Ana believes that social immersion is the key to understanding and producing portraits that convey emotion and humanity. She has spent long periods of time photographing the Black H’Mong in Vietnam, the Chin and Intha people in Burma, the Rajasthani people in India and the Quechua people in Ecuador and Peru.

Ana’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally in Palacio Maldonado and Getty Gallery and her clients include Getty Images and the United Nations.

Currently, Ana is working on the project “Andinas”, which focuses on showing the strength of indigenous women from the Peruvian highlands.


A few words from the photographer

“When I saw the call about a project to document women entrepreneurs around the world, I didn’t think twice about applying because it would be a chance to see how indigenous women in Ecuador are breaking outdated assumptions and becoming an example within their communities. I’m thankful for the opportunity as commissions like these are rare, they are usually focused on European/US photographers. The process of shooting was both challenging and rewarding. I suffered altitude sickness while photographing at 4000 meters and I experienced an earthquake for the first time. But it was amazing for everything else: every laugh, every talk, every time I looked at the starry skies of the Andes, every shared meal and the effort of the people I photographed to make me feel like I was part of the family. I have also loved the introduction to FotoDocument and to CARE.”

Ana Caroline de Lima