FotoStory is a unique way of telling stories about the positive work businesses, the public sector and NGOs are doing which makes a difference to people and planet. It puts real people, global issues and meaningful action at the heart of brand communications, creating impact that lasts. Click for the full FotoStory Brochure


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In a globalised digital world where we are bombarded on a daily basis by a fast and furious image culture, our intention with FotoStory is to slow it right down and work with imagery in a more considered and immersive way. We believe in a kind of story-telling which has true depth and authenticity and which has the power to move the viewer and initiate change.

We work closely with you to commission bespoke, eye-catching photo essays and design a variety of creative platforms to share them with the world – from in-house or public exhibitions to print publications, online galleries, e-books and more.


What’s your story?

To find out more about how FotoStory can tell the positive stories behind your business, please download the FotoStory Brochure for more information or contact Nina: +44 (0) 7790 645025