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Using water efficiently in buildings, farming and manufacturing. Designing to avoid local issues such as flooding, drought and water course pollution.

The South East is one of the most water-stressed in the UK. In many areas, rainfall per head is less than that in Sudan, or Algeria and with a changing climate, the natural availability of fresh water will become even more scarce. The One Planet vision is centred around a respect for H2O; using water more efficiently in buildings, farming and manufacturing, and managing water to support healthy land-use, avoiding flooding and pollution to watercourses.

This means adopting best practice standards in water conservation, water efficiency recycling and surface water management and making sure all residents have safe, secure and sustainable access to potable water.

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  • Annette Radford Photo by: Annette Radford
    Small ecosystem supporting and maintaining the element, water
  • Jason Hucklesby Photo by: Jason Hucklesby
    Shoreham fishing boats waiting for the wind to drop
  • Thurstan Crockett Photo by: Thurstan Crockett
    Dew pond at dusk near Wild Park
  • Calum Parsons Photo by: Calum Parsons
    Westdean Pond, with cyclist.
  • Edward Thomas Bishop Photo by: Edward Thomas Bishop
    "Make a Wish" Sustainable Water. (St Ann's Well Gardens Hove 20.05.15)
  • Les Gunbie Photo by: Les Gunbie
    Save water at the Vegetable Education Garden in Hanover
  • Jo Brooksbank Photo by: Jo Brooksbank
    My water butt
  • Rich Howorth Photo by: Rich Howorth
    The Brighton Underworld
  • Helen Race Photo by: Helen Race
    Wild flowers and bathing birds
  • Maga Esberg Photo by: Maga Esberg
    On the waterfront
  • Greg Wish Photo by: Greg Wish
    3, Gauge, Brighton festival
  • Lina Soblyte Photo by: Lina Soblyte
    Stormy shower on Brighton seafront
  • Andy Broomfield Photo by: Andy Broomfield
    Seafront Works
  • Erika Szostak Photo by: Erika Szostak
    Water-based sports and activities are an important part of Brighton's economy, for residents and tourists alike.
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