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Using sustainable and healthy products, such as those with low embodied energy, sourced locally, made from renewable or waste resources.

As with all the ten principles, sustainable materials represents a choice. It challenges the consumer to think about the environmental and social implications of what they buy and how they buy it. The One Planet vision is one where all goods and materials used – for construction or consumer goods – are made from renewable or waste resources, with low embodied energy, and wherever possible, sourced locally.

Consumer culture in the west dictates that we must spend, spend, spend; fashion has become more disposable, with cheap garments used once and thrown away; goods made cheaply and sold in bulk. But it doesn’t have to be this way – in a One Planet world we wear things for longer, we share goods with our friends and neighbours, and we minimise clutter in our lives. We will make what we buy, matter.

To see commissioned photographer Amanda Jackson’s response to this category click here.

  • Lee Radford Photo by: Lee Radford
    Sign of the times (tables)
  • Edward Thomas Bishop Photo by: Edward Thomas Bishop
    Sustainable Material. Wood Plant & Silo's - Basin Road Southwick
  • Lynda Kelly Photo by: Lynda Kelly
    Hand and Hammer
  • Mimi Butler Photo by: Mimi Butler
    Painted garage door, Hove.
  • Lyndsey Haskell Photo by: Lyndsey Haskell
    Dave preparing textiles for recycling at Emmaus Brighton
  • Les Gunbie Photo by: Les Gunbie
    Clean, Green window cleaning
  • Jo Brooksbank Photo by: Jo Brooksbank
    Bird bath crafted by Lee from a tree felled in the Emmaus Community Gardens
  • Eva Garay Photo by: Eva Garay
    Sculpture base out of hubcap rings by Ptolemy Elrington(local artist)
  • Robin Hillier Photo by: Robin Hillier
    Hogs Edge Community Self Build - built by local people using low energy and natural materials - FSC timber, newspaper insulation, grass roofs.
  • Jacob Penketh Photo by: Jacob Penketh
    Bridge in the Rock Gardens
  • Helen Race Photo by: Helen Race
    Hello recycling
  • Maga Esberg Photo by: Maga Esberg
  • Peter H Tierney Photo by: Peter H Tierney
    Allotment shed
  • Kelly Roche Photo by: Kelly Roche
    The Wood Store - recycled and reclaimed wood
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