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Supporting sustainable and humane farming, promoting access to healthy, low impact, local, seasonal and organic diets and reducing food waste.

It might be surprising, but impacts from the food we eat can make up a third of an individual’s ecological footprint. Food comes from all over the world to reach our plate, and often has to be kept cold or frozen en-route. Intensive animal farming practices make poor use of resources – as such, it can be better for the environment to become vegetarian than to stop driving your car.

The One Planet vision is one where people are able to eat diets high in local, seasonal and organic produce, as well as healthy diets high in vegetable protein and lower in animal protein. This means easily accessible and affordable fruit and vegetables, it means helping children to make healthy choices, it means a new way of cooking and a shift in our relationship with our food.

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  • Kevin Claxton Photo by: Kevin Claxton
    Fun at Brighton Food Festival
  • Annette Radford Photo by: Annette Radford
    Ewe'll make a fine Sussex Hot Pot
  • Lesley Taylor Photo by: Lesley Taylor
    Ben's Bees - Newtimber, West Sussex
  • Jason Hucklesby Photo by: Jason Hucklesby
    Brighton sea monsters!
  • Thurstan Crockett Photo by: Thurstan Crockett
    "Chippy" waits for titbits
  • Calum Parsons Photo by: Calum Parsons
    Locally caught crab at the Lion and Lobster, Hove
  • Edward Thomas Bishop Photo by: Edward Thomas Bishop
    "Locally sourced, sustainable & fresh from the Boat!" (The Fish Shack in Hove)
  • Lynda Kelly Photo by: Lynda Kelly
    Brighton born and bred
  • Lyndsey Haskell Photo by: Lyndsey Haskell
    Wild marjoram foraged from Race Hill Community Orchard
  • Jo Brooksbank Photo by: Jo Brooksbank
    Marine Protected Areas - Last Chance?
  • Les Gunbie Photo by: Les Gunbie
    Barcombe nurseries at Brighton street market
  • Lina Soblyte Photo by: Lina Soblyte
    Free-range cattle feeling like on top of the world at Ditchling Beacon.
  • Jacob Penketh Photo by: Jacob Penketh
    Home grown- Allotment
  • Warren Sebastian Photo by: Warren Sebastian
    Eat from nature
  • Maga Esberg Photo by: Maga Esberg
  • Kelly Roche Photo by: Kelly Roche
    Market selling local fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy, located off North Road.
  • Yubin Kang Photo by: Yubin Kang
    Ashurst Organics 1, Plumpton
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