The Work

Encouraging active, sociable, meaningful lives to promote good health and well being.

Health and Happiness is not the tenth principle of One Planet Living; rather it is the first. It is the vision that will result almost naturally if all the others are followed. One Planet Living will make it easy, attractive and affordable to live happy, healthy lifestyles within the environmental limits of the planet.

Brighton and Hove is a city where emotional wellbeing is improved, active living is promoted and people’s values and beliefs are respected.

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  • Sandra Harper Photo by: Sandra Harper
    Saturday Swim, Brighton
  • Kevin Claxton Photo by: Kevin Claxton
    Brighton Pavilion Ice-skating
  • Lesley Taylor Photo by: Lesley Taylor
    Bend Fit Mend
  • Joe Habben Photo by: Joe Habben
    Health and Happiness
  • Lujain Mirza Photo by: Lujain Mirza
    A Photograph of a women in Beachy Head collecting rocks and fishing with a little pink net... an image of health and happiness
  • Hugo Evans Photo by: Hugo Evans
    Couple enjoying the West Pier on a sunny afternoon
  • Zoe Holland Photo by: Zoe Holland
    Push the prom skate event in Hove.
  • Thurstan Crockett Photo by: Thurstan Crockett
    Playing with Tom on the beach
  • Edward Thomas Photo by: Edward Thomas
    "Keep the future greener & healthier - for a happy future for the ones we Love" (Taken in Palmeira Square gardens Brighton)
  • Nina Reynolds Photo by: Nina Reynolds
    Peace in the sunset
  • Calum Parsons Photo by: Calum Parsons
    Bandstand, Hove promenade
  • Lynda Kelly Photo by: Lynda Kelly
  • Michelle Barrett Photo by: Michelle Barrett
    Dancing in the bluebells
  • Lyndsey Haskell Photo by: Lyndsey Haskell
    Robbo taking a breather from his work at the secondhand superstore 4 months into his stay at Emmaus
  • Naomi Wonders Photo by: Naomi Wonders
    Contentedness as a New-Age Traveler
  • Les Gunbie Photo by: Les Gunbie
    Brighton Yoga Festival
  • Antonios Kotsonias Photo by: Antonios Kotsonias
    This is Brighton
  • Ivan Talboys Photo by: Ivan Talboys
    Sunrise Surfer at Tidemills Bay
  • Robin Hillier Photo by: Robin Hillier
    Meringues from Queen's Rd - time for tea
  • Jacob Penketh Photo by: Jacob Penketh
    Happiness: Land, sea and sky
  • Lee Radford Photo by: Lee Radford
    Life at the lagoon
  • Rich Howorth Photo by: Rich Howorth
    I Love the Sea
  • Warren Sebastian Photo by: Warren Sebastian
    Young couple
  • Lauren Psyk Photo by: Lauren Psyk
    Day retreat at Brighton Buddhist Centre as part of the 'Learn to Meditate' course, April 2015
  • Lina Soblyte Photo by: Lina Soblyte
    'Hay boy' - taking a jumping break while cycling to Devil's Dyke.
  • Helen Race Photo by: Helen Race
    Photo oppotunists
  • Maga Esberg Photo by: Maga Esberg
  • Geoff Lowe Photo by: Geoff Lowe
    Oh! What A Night it was!
  • Kevin Meredith Photo by: Kevin Meredith
    Brighton Swimming member Charlotte enjoying a rough sea during her early morning swim. Taken May 2015.
  • Greg Wish Photo by: Greg Wish
    1, Gauge, Brighton festival
  • Peter Tierney Photo by: Peter Tierney
    Sunshine, camping & song
  • Hugh Fox Photo by: Hugh Fox
    Man and his dog - Emporium, London Rd
  • Kelly Roche Photo by: Kelly Roche
    Slacklining between trees at The Level
  • Morten Watkins Photo by: Morten Watkins
    Four men playing basketball on the courts at Brighton beach.
  • Andy Broomfield Photo by: Andy Broomfield
    Fleeting - Brighton Festival Finale
  • Jane Newman Photo by: Jane Newman
    Jumping joy!
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