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Respecting and reviving local identity, wisdom and culture; encouraging the involvement of people in shaping their community and creating a new culture of sustainability.

Brighton and Hove has an international reputation for arts and culture. Its historic monuments, festivals, indoor and outdoor events have forged the city into one of Britain’s premier tourist destinations. Integral to this cultural activity is community participation where individuals come together from an inordinate range of social, cultural and geographical backgrounds.

The One Planet vision is one where a culture of sustainability and community has been nurtured. Local identity is respected and revived, people are encouraged to involve themselves in shaping their community, ultimately, to create a new culture of sustainability that embeds itself in others.

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  • LuLu Evans Photo by: LuLu Evans
    Hare Krishna, Brighton
  • Sandra Harper Photo by: Sandra Harper
    Dancing at Gay Pride , Brighton
  • Lee Radford Photo by: Lee Radford
    Community watch
  • Anne Williams Photo by: Anne Williams
    Culture and community
  • Kevin Claxton Photo by: Kevin Claxton
    Busker at Brighton Station
  • Annette Radford Photo by: Annette Radford
    Culture and community
  • Lesley Taylor Photo by: Lesley Taylor
    Rainbow Batman
  • Lujain Mirza Photo by: Lujain Mirza
    A photographs that shows a part of Brighton's culture, people in a dogs cafe having a nice relaxing day.
  • Thurstan Crockett Photo by: Thurstan Crockett
    Tom persuaded of haircut due to hipness
  • Simon Pepper Photo by: Simon Pepper
    Unicycle Hove Sea Front
  • Edward Thomas Photo by: Edward Thomas
    'Youth' Culture and Community
  • Chris Quigley Photo by: Chris Quigley
    I. Am. Not. Going. To. Fit. Through. There!
  • Calum Parsons Photo by: Calum Parsons
    Westdean Community Board
  • Allan Grainger Photo by: Allan Grainger
    Landmark 1
  • Caroline Sturtridge Photo by: Caroline Sturtridge
    Rainbow over the West Pier
  • Lynda Kelly Photo by: Lynda Kelly
    The Family Tree
  • Lyndsey Haskell Photo by: Lyndsey Haskell
    Sorting bottle tops to save them from landfill at The Green Centre Community Open Day
  • Naomi Wonders Photo by: Naomi Wonders
    Nomad New-Age Traveler child
  • Les Gunbie Photo by: Les Gunbie
    Patchfest at William Clarke Park
  • Michal Z Photo by: Michal Z
    Free in Brighton
  • Antonios Kotsonias Photo by: Antonios Kotsonias
    Communities are built with culture
  • Robin Hillier Photo by: Robin Hillier
    Hogs Edge Community Self Build - memories of before the build
  • Jacob Penketh Photo by: Jacob Penketh
    Jubilee Library-Structures of Knowledge
  • Lina Soblyte Photo by: Lina Soblyte
    Lewes Bonfire Night procession 2014
  • Sini Manner Photo by: Sini Manner
    The Bubble King entertaining the street & kids with his gigantic bubbles on New Road, next to the Fringe Hub, Brighton.
  • Rich Howorth Photo by: Rich Howorth
    Getting Over the Line
  • Warren Sebastian Photo by: Warren Sebastian
    Calm beach
  • Lauren Psyk Photo by: Lauren Psyk
    Local artist Req puts the finishing touches to the new community mural in George Street, Hove
  • Helen Race Photo by: Helen Race
    "To the pub!"
  • Maga Esberg Photo by: Maga Esberg
  • Greg Wish Photo by: Greg Wish
    2, Gauge, Brighton festival
  • Adam Hatcher Photo by: Adam Hatcher
    Classic Brighton beach pic encompassing Brighton beach culture! Kids playing, people coming and going, cheeky beers all under the beautiful Brighton sunset!!
  • Hugh Fox Photo by: Hugh Fox
    The Phoenix Gallery
  • Andy Broomfield Photo by: Andy Broomfield
    Backpackers Pride Flag
  • Kelly Roche Photo by: Kelly Roche
    A couple looking at artwork in the window of one of many art studios in Brighton.
  • Juliet Morris Photo by: Juliet Morris
    Year 1 children from West Hove school learn about growing plants and sustainability. In 10-15 years time these children will be responsible for contributing to Brighton and Hove's community and ensuring we are living up to One Planets principles. Imbue them with the community's culture and wisdom. Teach them well.
  • Jane Newman Photo by: Jane Newman
    Acroyoga play
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