Freegle believes that inspiration and creativity are vital to sustainability – which is why we are delighted to support FotoDocument’s One Planet City. Freegle is an online Peer to Peer network of 400+ free UK reuse groups. Founded in 2009 and run voluntarily it now has almost 2 million members who are taking individual action to reduce waste associated with their every day lives. Collectively this has a huge impact: keeping around 1,000 tonnes of stuff in circulation every month that might have otherwise been dumped or left to languish. Lurking in sheds, attics, offices, rooms and cupboards all over the UK, there are items that are too good to throw away, but are not loved or needed anymore. You might not need that old sofa, pile of books, those leftover bricks, broken toaster or that box of toys anymore but there might be someone just around the corner who does. Freegle makes it easy for anyone to pass on unwanted stuff and find that local someone who can reuse unwanted bits, bobs and gizmos.

The Brighton Waste House was built in partnership with Freegle – not only to obtain materials for the building but importantly to pass on all the project leftovers too. Reuse displaces the need to always buy new, extends the life of goods, reduces the unnecessary flow of usable stuff to landfill and incinerators, encourages upcycling and repair, builds community resilience and importantly contributes to lowering our dependency on finite raw materials. What’s not to love?

It’s not waste until you waste it, to be part of the REvolution, join a group at and follow us on twitter @ThisIsFreegle.


One Planet City: Professional Commissions

Ten photo essays responding to the ten sustainability principles of One Planet Living with ten site-specific installations in public spaces across Brighton & Hove.