Earth & Stars

As a pub that has a long term commitment to sustainability, supporting the community and showcasing local artists, The Earth & Stars is proud to be a part of One Planet City, an extremely exciting project featuring photographers that inspire us. We are great fans of the visual arts, regularly hosting local artists’ work and we are looking forward to having a longer exhibition to run alongside these.

Syd Shelton’s work is so powerful and this new work on culture and community is no exception. As well as seeing the pub as a hub for the community, we have lots of tourists coming into The Earth & Stars. They get drawn into this community when they visit and it’s going be great to show them a more profound side to this community through these photographs. The sustainability angle of the One Planet City is hugely important to The Earth & Stars. We support ‘local’ in every sense, from businesses to produce, from musicians to artists, we always choose sustainable options and suppliers where available. We have a sustainable outlook as a business, with locally sourced, organic and free-range produce as well as Sussex brewed lagers and ales. We are conscious of the things we do and the things we stock.

From the feedback we get, Brighton people care about these things too. We feel that it is everybody’s responsibility to make the world and their community a better place, making a difference in small ways while creating minimal impact on the environment. Our involvement in this project reflects that.


One Planet City: Professional Commissions

Ten photo essays responding to the ten sustainability principles of One Planet Living with ten site-specific installations in public spaces across Brighton & Hove.